Continuum of Awareness is a paying attention practice. It is an invitation for attending and noticing everything and anything that is in our direct here and now experience without judgment, just from pure observation. Direct Perception through the senses.


Realms of awareness:


Inner Realm, direct experience within our organism.

Sensing,  Breathing, Physical sensations, feeling a state, emotion.

Outer Realm, direct experience of something beyond our organism

Sensing, Seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting.

Mind Realm

Thinking, what we make of our experience, the place of attitude and viewpoint, (remembering, storytelling, rehearsing, picturing, imagining, fantasizing, judging, analyzing, associating, naming, giving meaning, interpreting)

This meditations is currently in Spanish, sorry about that. I will be adding the English translation momentarily. Thank you!!

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Meditation Practices for stressful times.

Body sensing an focalized breathing

This meditation is in Spanish, English translation coming soon.

My apologies.

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Body sensing an focalized breathing

This meditation is in Spanish, English translation coming soon.

My apologies.

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Would you like to know more about mindful meditation?

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Mindfulness Meditation

Meditation is a practice for cultivating the capacity to be in the present moment. To train our attention to be here and now instead of lost in thoughts about the past and/or the future.

Paying attention to our present moment experiences… with open-ness, curiosity and a willingness to be with what is.

Me- Meditation

A meditation practice helps us develop our capacity for bearing witness in our life processes, without identifying with them, while resting awareness in breath.

These processes occur in the inner realm (body sensations, emotions), mind realm, (thoughts memories, projections of the future, insights) and in the outer realm.

With the practice of observation, we increase our level of awareness, of noticing all that is going on.

Our consciousness and capacity to hold our moment to moment experiences increases.

We start to non-identify with our thoughts, sensations and emotions, as it is all passing. Working on noticing impermanence, we move closer to our true essence and work on detachment.


We also start to INCLUDE our entire experience, including our shadow, things we don’t like about ourselves. We learn to hold ourselves with love and self- compassion.

If I know who I am, and I accept who I am, I become a more wholesome, less inner conflicted human being.


I will have more peace of mind.

The more the unconscious mind is uncovered, the more I can choose freely.

Peace of mind and freedom increases happiness.

I offer a safe space for EVERYTHING that arises.

I have been working for a long time on expanding my capacity so I can hold space for you.

Bring it on!! I will be here to validate, encourage and support your process.

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