Hello there beautiful, here is my little contribution to this special moments.

Glad you have come all the way till here to practice a bit of yoga on my company.

Thank you so much.

Any question o doubt, please contact, I`ll be very happy to answer you.

Lets start! get ready!

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We will continue ours pressencial classes as soon as we can. Stay in touch!

Practice with me

I strive to make yoga accessible and fun to anyone who would like to practice with me. In today's hectic and many times overwhelming world, practices like yoga, that connect us to self and source, are so important. Yoga is an amazing, complete and sustainable practice to have in your everyday life.

Group classes

Come practice at Pure Om Santa Eulalia.

I've taught at many different studios and this is by far the most welcoming and community oriented in the Island of Ibiza. There's a wonderful feeling about practicing alongside a group of other yogis.

Small Group Classes

I offer affordable small group classes at a home studio in San Miguel. These classes run in prepaid six-weeks series.  If you have a small group that would like to book a regular class, please contact me about availability.

Private Sessions

Privates are a powerful way to deepen your yoga practice. Private yoga instruction with me can bring greater insight into your unique challenges. We are all so different, and we want to honor that. A healthy yoga practice does no harm, it heals us physically, mentally, and emotionally so we live in greater balance. You will learn to adapt and modify the practice to your needs.

I also love to design the classes so they are different and fun.


I will creat a yoga and meditation program to help you reach your goals for optimal mental and physical health and for you to fall in love with yoga and develop a sustainable practice.


You’re paying to get out of the class exactly what you need for that particular day. You are paying to help access your inner strength, flexibility and balance through yoga poses but also through breathing, stress-relief and connection to your higher self, which will help you to balance the other aspects of your life.



Contact me for a free consultation  

Alignment Base Vinyasa Yoga all levels
Mindful Meditation
Fundamental beginners level 
Yin Yoga
Restorative Yoga
Therapeutic Yoga

5 and 10 class packages are available.

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